Today, I had the great privelege of attending a Gunna’s Writing Masterclass with the great & wonderful Catherine Deveny.


One of the things she suggested was to start a blog.  So I have.  Again.  I have a small collection of them, some obsolete, some abandoned.


I keep changing the blog as my life changes.


This isn’t a diary kind of blog, not in the sense that previous attempts have been.  I’ve been saying for years that I’m gunna write.  Well.  Now I am.


So.  Here’s what I have to say on this fine day.


I haven’t attempted to write creatively since highschool.  Not in any sort of cohesive manner.  Sure, there’s been a few nights of too many wines and a babbled mess of words, there was a foray into fanfiction (shut up, there’s some good stuff out there and writing something is better than writing nothing).


But I made a promise to myself that 2016 I was going to make my life change into the shape that I wanted.  So I am.  I’ve taken charge of my health and am actively working now to control those aspects that I’ve neglected.  I’m moving to get my finances into better shape so that I can return to uni and finish my much neglected Arts Degree.  I haven’t worked out how to start dating without doing the online thing (mostly because on my last venture, some dude opened with a line about fisting and I freaked out, is that the new ‘what’s your major’?), but I’m making moves in the right direction for regaining my passion for telling stories.


As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved making up stories.  I’ve continued where books have left off, I’ve asked Mum to give me random words as prompts, I’ve let my mind wander and come up with all sorts of things.  But adulthood somehow got in the way of feeling that telling those stories was important.  I’ve figured out all on my own that if I don’t feel that telling the story is important, I won’t make it a priority.


I think, almost four hours after the course finished, that one of the clearest points that Dev got across today was that you have to make time to write.  You have to make a space for you to write in.  Yes, I have a story that I’m working on, but that’s not even close to being ready yet, the ideas are still cooking.  But even if I’m not writing that story every day, I need to write something.


I wrote a short story today, completely, from prompts Dev threw out during the session.

So, I’m hoping to continue with this.  I plan to write 3 prompts a week.  Length will depend on what I come up with and how much time I have.  Sometimes I’ll combine them, sometimes I’ll do them separately.


Todays story will appear on Dev’s Gunnas fiction collective.  I’ll link when it’s done.




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